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Records to the Rescue!…

A clear and practical approach to gathering the essentials needed to manage one’s life. It’s a refreshing return to simplicity at a time when lives are becoming increasingly more complicated. This book is indispensable for seniors or boomers wanting to make life more manageable and ensure all is in order for family members.

– Bingham C. Jamison, CFA, Forbes Contributor and Founder of Qaim Wealth Advisors, LLC, Crozet, VA


As a primary care physician for more than 30 years, I can say that the material Christine has pulled together in this single resource is exactly what is needed to help people be organized and responsible, and is especially helpful to family members. Gathering one’s information and recording one’s expectations are prudent measures at any age, but doing so is absolutely essential during the latter stages of life.

– Andy Macfarlan, M.D., Charlottesville, VA


Records to the Rescue! is a vital resource for anyone who wishes to gain control of the myriad personal, financial, and medical details that accompany modern life. The organizer is straightforward and simple to use. At the same time, it captures in one convenient place the facts and data that a person must keep at hand to navigate through these complex times. I highly recommend Records to the Rescue!

– Bradford M. Young, Esq., Charlottesville, VA


My husband and I have found Christine’s book, Records to the Rescue! to be an extremely helpful guide in organizing our important information and documents. It has enabled us to move ahead with this challenging task in a methodical and straightforward fashion. How helpful it would have been had our parents and their generation had such a well thought out guide to recording the whereabouts of their important papers. We have shared the book with many family members….

– Judy Grissmer, Marriage and Family Therapist, (retired) and Licensed Professional Counselor (retired), Charlottesville, VA


Records to the Rescue! is the perfect planning tool for people of all ages. I have recommended it to colleagues and clients – and the organizer has given me an easy and efficient way to organize my own affairs.

– Martha Haertig, EA, MarthaFlo LLC, Charlottesville, VA